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B & G Subdivision

In 1887, Block 2, Lots C, D, & E (each lot was 5 acres) of the  Monrovia Tract was subdivided into the Lots D and C of the B&G  Subdivision.  The owners may have been L.H. Green and Frank A. Gibson on  whose behalf the subdivision was filed on April 6, 1887.Lots D& C  are bordered on the north by Foothill Boulevard (formerly White Oak  Avenue) and the south by Whittemore’s Subdivision.  Lots D & C are  bisected by South Encinitas Avenue which was cut through the subdivision  shortly after the subdivision was filed.Lot D is bordered on the west  by South Myrtle Avenue.  Lot C is bordered on the East by South Ivy  Avenue.

B & G Subdivision

Most of the lots ran east/west and were originally 49 ½ feet  wide and 130 feet deep.  Lots 1-5 in Block C face Foothill and run  north south.  They were 50 feet wide and 148 ½ deep.  In Block D, Lots  1-3 also face Foothill and were 50 feet wide and 148½ deep.  However,  Lots 4-6, a total of 148½ feet, face South Myrtle, and run east/west.

Though subdivided in 1887, no structures show up on the 1892 or 1897,  Sanborn maps until 1907, so it doesn’t seem to have been a rapidly  growing area.  However, houses were built in the late 1890s after the  1897 Sanborn map came out.  The 1907 Sanborn map shows 18 family  dwellings on Lots D & C.  On the 1913 Sanborn map, there are 22  family dwellings and two commercial structures, the ‘Leven Oaks Hotel  and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  Both commercial structures faced South  Myrtle.

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