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An Evolving Historical Record

Welcome to the "Research Monrovia Structures" web site and greetings from Monrovia, California. 

This is a work-in-progress research/database for history buffs, especially preservationists who may be interested in the architecture and early history of Monrovia, a typical citrus-based Southern California community of the late 19th century.

Volunteers are researching the architectural history of the Town of Monrovia Subdivision (1886), as well as the history of the people related to that architecture. The period of time currently being researched is 1885-1900. At this time, the information only includes Victorian era structures, but as the volunteers move further through the years, information on other architectural styles will be added.

Currently, searchers may enter an address, and if that address reflects a structure from 1885-1900, there will be information and pictures, when available, on that house. Searchers may also click on "Victorian" to access a list of addresses which had/have a structure from 1885-1900. Eventually, searchers will be able to access biographical information on early Monrovia residents, early personal and real estate tax information, and occupations typical of our late 19th century citrus-based community. 


Colorized images of the Monrovia Planet Newspaper Building circa 1886 (original colors unknown). The Planet's first edition was released in November of that same year. 

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