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Keefer's Subdivision of Lots 74 and 75

This subdivision is bounded on the north by Hillcrest Boulevard  (formerly Banana Avenue), the east by Canyon Boulevard (formerly  Charlotte Avenue), the south by East Greystone Avenue, and the west by  North Myrtle Avenue.  The three north-south streets within it are North  Encinitas, North Ivy, and May Avenues.

Keefer's Subdivision of Lots 74 and 75

John S. Keefer purchased the property from Elias Baldwin, and the subdivision was recorded on August 1, 1888.

Being  situated so far north of town and on the up slope of the foothills, in  the 1880s and 1890s, this property only had a few large dwellings  sprinkled among citrus groves.  The Sanborn Fire Insurance maps don't  even cover this area until 1927.  At that time, there 13 are dwellings  on both sides of North Encinitas, 10 on North Ivy, 8 on May, and 1 on  North Canyon (west side).  On the whole length of East Greystone, there  are only five houses.

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