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220 E. Lime Avenue



The property  had eight owners before Robert Perry bought the property in 1910 and built the house.

The house is a one story, wood frame Craftsman bungalow with a front-facing gable. The roof-style is known as “jerkinhead”, a combination of a gable and hip roof. The main gable peak has slat vents The roof has the typical stylistic devices of a Craftsman house: exposed beam ends and rafter tails.

The painted redwood siding extends halfway up from the river rock foundation. Original wood-shingle siding is original as are the roof elements, including the exposed rafter tails, beam ends, and overhanging eaves.

There is a partial porch extending from the front door. The porch roof is supported by simple trusswork and a pair of triple square wood posts anchored in river rock supports with caps of rectangular cement.  There is a wooden deck running the width of the house from the concrete partial porch. On the deck are three rectangular river rock pedestals, capped with square concrete tops. The pedestals don’t support anything, and, at first, we thought that originally there might have been a full porch supported by these pedestals, but the footprints of the house on the 1913 and 1927 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps are the same. They show only a partial porch and no decking.

We contacted Monrovia resident and vintage structure restorer Jimi Hendrix about the porch. Coincidentally, he had actually worked on this house in the 1990s. It is his opinion that the deck is not original, and that Henry Hinkins, owner of the house during the 1980s and 1990s, installed the deck and the pedestals.

In 2013, there was extensive alterations done in the kitchen backporch aread, but fortunately, the exterior front and sides were not altered, so the house still retains its period look

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Robert Perry

Robert Perry



Lewis Joseph Beer


Town of Monrovia

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