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Luther Reed


July 17, 1849



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Luther Reed Blair was born on July 17, 1849 to James Blair, a farmer,  and his second wife, Elizabeth Morrow.  Census records show the Blairs  were a large family with at least 13 children, and Luther was the  youngest.

Un-sourced family tree records on give  the following information about James Blair.  He was born on November  21, 1790 in Guinston, York County, Pennsylvania, to Robert Blair, and  Irish immigrant and Jean Allison, a Pennsylvania native.  He married  Nancy Wallace in 1823 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  They moved to  Ohio and James started farming and Nancy started having children, the  first being born in 1824.  In total, they had five children (that  lived...there could have been more!) in 10 years, and Nancy died in  1834, about a year after her last child was born.

The un-sourced  records indicate that James Blair married Elizabeth Morrow in the same  year his wife died, 1834.  James and Elizabeth's first child was born in  1836 and died within that same year.  They went on to have the  following children: Alexander (b. 10 Aug 1837 d. 5 Dec 1918), Samuel  Farmer (b. 10 April 1839 d. 15 Sep 1923) David Humphries (b. 21 Apr 1841  d. 16 May 1904, Joseph (b. 10 May 1843-?), Moses Morrow (b. 10 Mar 1845  d. 3 Aug 1864), Elizabeth Jane (b. 5 Feb 1847 d. 17 Feb 1890), and  Luther Reed.

Census records indicate that sometime between 1839  and 1841, the Blairs moved from Carroll County to Bellfontaine in Logan  County, Ohio, where the last five of the Blair children, including  Luther were born.

Military records from the Civil War show that  Luther's full brothers Alexander, Samuel, David, Joseph and Moses served  in the Union Army.  Moses died in 1864, but Samuel survived the war,  married, had two children and went on to become a physician.  David was  discharged from the military in 1865 for medical reasons.  He married,  had five children, became a minister of the Gospel, but his health gave  out again and he went into the U.S. Homes for Disabled Volunteer  Soldiers in 1894.  The 1900 census shows him still living there.   

Alexander was discharged as a sergeant.  He married, had five children  and became a farmer.  After leaving the army, Joseph got married in  Kansas, had three children and worked as a carpenter for about 20 years  before moving to Colorado.

In 1876, Luther Blair married a woman  named Ada who was born in Massachusetts in August of 1853.  Census  records show that three years later, they were living in Denver,  Colorado, where Luther was a carpenter.  The first three of their seven  children were born there: Agnes (b. 8 Jul 1879 d. 26 Feb 1954), Winona  M. (b. Nov 1881 d. ?), and Charles Andrew (b. 15 Nov 1885-d. ?).   Because there is no census available for 1890, it is difficult to  ascertain when the family arrived in Los Angeles.  However, there next  child, Rosa E., was born in March of 1887 in California.  Three more  children were born by 1896: Nellie Irene (b. 15 Sep 1888 d. 27 June  1940), Lena M. (b. September 1889 d. ?), and Annie A. (b. July 1896 d.  ?).

The first recorded address for the Blairs appears in the 1900  census at 1331 Berndost Street in Los Angeles. They were still there in  1910.  Luther continued working as a contractor during the years he  spent in California.

It is unknown when either he or his wife died.

Agnes married a man whose last name was Morrison.  She died in Santa Clarita in 1954.

Winona  became a pharmacist and married Albert P. Nielson. They had two  children, Torvald and Clifford.  It is unclear if they ever married or  had children.  Torvald died in 1984 and Clifford in 1982.  Winona  appears in the 1910 census but not the 1920 one, so she must have died  some time in those years.

Rosa married Joe Walton, a policeman.   They had no children and Mr. Walton died before 1930. Rosa shows up in  the 1930 census living with her two nephews, Torvald and Clifford  Nielsen.  The date of her death is unknown at this time.

Nellie  also married a policeman, Henry S. Boardman. They lived in Manhattan  Beach, California, and had two children, Margaret (born in 1823) and  Ralph (1926).  Nellie died June 27, 1940.  There is no further  information at this time about her children or her husband's date of  death.

Lena lived for a short time with Nellie and worked as an  exchange clerk at a department store.  Both sisters had previously  worked as sales clerks in a department store while they were still  living with their parents. No other information is available at this  time for Lena Blair.

Luther Blair's last child, Annie A., is last  seen in the 1910 census when she was 14.  No death information is  available for her.

For more detailed biographical information on the Crandall and Denslow families, contact the Monrovia Historical Museum Foundation.  A fee will be charged for access to the information.

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