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Warren H.


1 Jul 1887


Le Mars, Iowa

Date of Death:

6 Mar 1977

Place of Death:

Monrovia, Los Angeles, California


Properties Owned:


Warren Denslow was one of nine children born to Ezekiel, a farmer, and Alice Denslow.  After a few years, the family moved from Iowa to Minnehaha, South Dakota, to farm there.

The Crandalls and Denslows were not only intertwined by family, but they also lived together and later on either side of their grand aunt Anna Eugenia Crandall.  Warren's father's sister Anna Eugenia and her husband William A. Crandall had moved to Monrovia in the 1890s and bought Lot 21 in Block A of the Town of Monrovia Subdivision.  They built a home, and when addresses began to be used in 1908, the address of the home was 235 E. Lime Avenue.  In 1893,  they purchased the lot next to them, Lot 22. 

Warren's father Ezekiel died in 1897, and Warren moved out to California around 1907, living with his aunt and helping his uncle in his hardware store.  He most likely lived in the small house at the boack of Lot 22 that his aunt and uncle had built.  On 30 June 1917, he married Zetta Angie Mead (5 Apr 1892 Kansas).  Warren Denslow built up a successful plumbing business, and in 1923, he built a Craftsman bungalow on Lot 22, next to his aunt and uncle's home.

Warren and Zetta had three daughters.  The first Bethel Louise (2 Jun 1916 Monrovia - 29 Jul 1998 Oregon) married Raymond Wells and lived in her grand-aunt's house (235 E. Lime) next door to where she herself grew up.  They lived there until at least 1948.  Bethel died in Linn, Oregon, in 1998

The second daughter, Lillian Grace, lived at 239 E. Lime Avenue until she married Oscar Janeway in 1947.  Lillian died in Whittier, California, in 2020.

The third daughter, Evelyn, lived in her grand-aunt's until sometime after 1930 when she moved in with the rest of the family at 239 E. Lime.  She lived there until she married John Loring Hawks in 1948.  After their marriage they still lived close by at 233 E. Lime Avenue.  Evelyn died in 2005 in West Covina.

After raising their children in the house at 239 E. Lime, the Denslows continued to live in the house, looking out after aging Aunt Anna Crandall until she died.  Warren and his wife continued to live in the house until Warren's death in 1977.  His wife sold the house.

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