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Assyria "Cy"


25 Jan 1841



Date of Death:

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Assyra (Assyria) "Cy" Hall was the son of a successful farmer whose family moved from Virginia to Indiana where he met and married his wife Lillian (Lulu Cain) in 1868.  Details on his early life are scarce, but tax records show him to be successful.

By 1870, he and Lulu are living in Park, Colorado Territory, and he is working as a the county sheriff with real estate valued at $5,000 and a personal estate of $2,000.  They move to Fairplay and then Denver, Colorado where Assyra invests in mining, quite successfully until at least 1910.

Assyria "Cy" Hall does not live in Monrovia for very long.  He does buy Lt 18 in Block A of the Town of Monrovia in 1909, and builds a house on it that has an address of 223 E. Lime Avenue.  The 1913 Sanford map shows a large house built on Lot 18, and Assyria is listed as there for the same year.  Cy dies in 1917.  

Though there aren't any directory entries for his wife, but the 1920 census Lulu as living at 223 E. Lime with her sister and brother-in-law.  

They never have children, but they seem to have been close to their niece, Lillian Cain, who lives with them in 1910 in Colorado.  Lillian marries Lloyd Ray Parkhurst in Oregon in 1911, but they move down to line one lot away from Lillian's aunt and uncle at 229 E. Lime.  Lloyd gets a job as nurseryman.  Work must not have been very profitable because Lloyd moves up to Idaho to farm while Lillian cotinues living at 229 E. Lime.  Lloyd returns to Monrovia within two years to live with Lillian.  He gets a job working at the Ferguson Marmalade Company.   

In the years between Cy and Lulu's deaths, the city directories record the Parkhursts living at 229 and 225 E. Lime.  They also continue to list Cy as living at 223 E. Lime even though he is dead, so it is difficult to follow the occupants of Lots 18-20.  When Lulu Hall dies in 1924, Lillian and Lloyd move to 223.  Around 1930, Lillian, Lloyd, and their son John Hiram returned to Oregon.  Lloyd died in 1940, and Lillian died in 1964.

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