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Alfred Reno





Date of Death:

Place of Death:


Properties Owned:


There is very little information available on Alfred R. Hannah.  He married Emma Caroline Conningham in  July of 1869 in Illinois.  By 1884, Alfred and Emma are living in Pasadena and he is listed as a fruit grower.  In the 1884 and 1886 California Voter lists, his occuppation is listed as a "capitalist".

Alfred and Emma seem to have only one child, a daughter, who was born in 1891.  Her name was Alfreda Lilias.  They never  in Monrovia, and they only one the property for one year.  Seeing the property value going down, Hannah sales the property to William N. Monroe (founder of Monrovia) who owns it for one year and then sells it to "Heirs of E. F. Spence."  Edward F. Spence was one of the founders (along with Monroe, Jermiah Falvey, J.D. Bicknell, and James Crank) of Monrovia.

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