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Mary Elizabeth


December 1859



Date of Death:

Place of Death:


Properties Owned:


Mary Elizabeth Sargeant only on the property for two years as speculation.  Originally from Florida, her family first appears in the 1870 census record living in Los Angeles.  Her father Frederick Randolph Pittman worked as farmer but died in 1873.  At that time, the family moved to La Ballona.

Mary Elizabeth married John Valantine Price in 1882 and had three sons with him.  The marriage ended in divorce, and in 1897, she married Clinton Anjer Sargeant (or Sergeant) who had come out to Los Angeles around 1892 to work at real estate.

The 1900 census records Clinton, Mary, and Mary three sons living on Palm Avenue.  In 1902, Mary purchased Lot 17, Block A in the Town of Monrovia Subdivision.  She made no improvements on it, and the property was valued at only $75 for each of the two years she owned it.  She then sold the property to Cora Gaves.

City directories show that by 1908, the Sergeant family was living at 223 E. Orange (now Colorado Blvd.) Avenue. By 1913, Mary's husband is employed as a supervisor for Davisson Construction Company living at the same address.  Clinton Sergeant's last job was Street Supervisor for the City of Monrovia.

Mary's son Kenneth became an osteopathic physician, married an osteopathic physician (Olive) and moved in with his parents at 223 E. Orange.  Kenneth Sergeant continued living in the house after Mary Elizabeth died in 1932.

Mary's second son died in Monrovia in 1904.  Her youngest son served in World War I, married and eventually lived out his life in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

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