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John Taylor


9 Aug 1849


Cynthiana, Harrison, Kentucky

Date of Death:

Place of Death:



Properties Owned:


John Taylor Stewart was one of four children of William Harvey Stewart, a wealthy farmer, and Elizabeth (Webb).  Like his brother Charles Mortimer, John Taylor went into medicine.

He married Sue Martin on 21 July 1880 and soon followed his brother Charles to Monrovia.  He is first reported to be in Monrovia in 1887.  He formed a partnership with his brother, but Charles was in poor health and died in 1888.

John Stewart bought properties on his own and in partnership with others  in Hosmer's Division, Monroe Addition, Grandview Subdivision, Addition #1 to the Town of Monrovia, Keefer's Subdivision.  He purchased Lots 16 & 17 in Block B of the Town of Monrovia Subdivision in 1906, b ut he kept Lot 16 for only kept it for one year.

He kept Lot 17 until at least 1916 and built a structure, valued at $600, in 1907.  But he never lived there as by this time, he had moved to practice medicine in Los Angeles.

In 1890, Dr. Stewart purchased Lots 4 & 5 in Block B on Monroe Addition and moved a house belonging Mullally to it.  He, his wife Sue and son Charles Mortimer moved into the house, but Sue, who had never been in good health, died later in 1890.

John Stewart and his son moved to Los Angeles, and he practiced medicine there.  He kept his Monrovia property for a while as income before eventually selling off.  He eventually married a woman named "Minnie."  John's son, Charles Mortimer, also went into medicine.

John Taylor Stewart died in August of 1922 and is buried at Live Oak Memorial Park with his brother and his Renaker inlaws.  Charles Mortimer Stewart married

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