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Irving K.


abt 1841


New York

Date of Death:


Place of Death:




Properties Owned:


Considering the Whites lived for awhile in Sierra Madre, a town close to Monrovia, there is little information about them.  Both of them were born in New York (Josephine about 1856).  California Voter Registration list for 1884 records Irving A. White living in El Monte working as a farmer.  In 1888, he is living in Sierra Madre, and his occupation is listed as a farmer.  The last record we could find is for 1890, another voter registration, that lists him still in Sierra Madre working as a horticulturalist.

There are no death records.

Irving A. White is listed as Irving K. in the tax records, but the tax are incorrect.  Irving bought Lot 21, Block B, Town of Monrovia Subdivision in 1888 when the property was valued at $400.  The lot was 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep with the back of the lot accessed by an alley.  The next year, the lot's value has dropped to $150.  Irving may have died in 1892 (the property had dropped in $125) because from then on, the taxes were paid by his wife until she sold the property to Catherine Wilson.  All the tax entries indicate Josephine E. White is living in Sierra Madre.  In the years she held onto it, the property value dropped to $75.  By the time she sold it to Catherine Wilson in 1906, the value had climbed back up to $200.

Catherine Wilson only owned the property for two years, and the lot remained empty unil Byron Clark purchased the property and built a two-story boarding house in 1908.  The structure he builds is valued at $1800

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