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M. P. B. & C.

his small subdivision was originally parts of Lots B, E, and F in  Block 2 of the Monrovia Tract.  As one can see in the picture, Ivy  Avenue is on the left of the subdivision, Charlotte Avenue ((which was  later renamed Canyon Boulevard) is on the right, and Palm Avenue bisects  it.  Palm was not one of the streets in the original plan for the  Monrovia Tract but  was cut through shortly thereafter because this area  was subdivided in March of 1887 and Palm appears.  C.O. Campbell and  Buck had purchased and subdivided this area from the consortium who  owned the Monrovia Tract.

M. P. B. & C.

Monrovia High School (since torn down  and replaced by Clifton Intermediate School) was located on Block B,  just to the north of Lots 10-the west half of Lot 6.  This subdivision  included the south 44 feet of the block, To the north of the east half  of Lots 7-1, was Lot A, (which later became Wilson's Subdivision) and  M-P.B.&C also included the south 44 feet of Lot A.

Presently,  Clifton School takes up Lots 10-1, as well as the rest of Lots B and A  (Wilson's Subdivision).  Houses were built on lots 13-24 of the  M-P.B.& C. Subdivision, but several of those on the west end have  been torn down to be replaced commercial structures.

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