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Ocean View Subdivision

The Ocean View Subdivision was a section of a larger piece of  property owned by Samuel L. Keefer and called the Keefer Addition.  When  this section was opened with much fanfare in 1887, it was referred to  as the Ocean View Subdivision of the Keefer Addition because on a clear  day (a common occurrence in the 1880s compared to now) the Pacific Ocean  could be seen from several parts of the subdivision.

The Ocean  View Subdivision is bounded on the north by East Hillcrest Avenue, on  the east by North Canyon Blvd., the south by Greystone Avenue, and on  the west by North Myrtle Avenue.  The street bisecting Block A is North  Encinitas.  The street between Blocks A and B is North Ivy Avenue.  The  street bisecting Block B is May Avenue.  The subdivision, because of its  distance from downtown Monrovia and its steep streets,  was slow at  first to be developed.  A few of the more wealthy Monrovians built  Victorian homes there.  Probably the most prominent one still there  today is located at 336 N. Ivy Avenue.

Ocean View Subdivision

At the turn of the last century, however, and with the advent of the  automobile in the 1920s, the Ocean View Subdivision began to be  populated by middle class families.  The property was still far enough  away from downtown Monrovia to be reasonably priced, and the automobile  made the downtown more accessible to people who worked and shopped  there.  The architecture that can be seen in this subdivision is  primarily folk Victorian, Craftsman,  and other vernacular styles such  as one-story Colonial and Spanish revival homes.  In the northern part  of the subdivision there are more modern houses from the 1960s.

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